Grenada to the Virgin Islands

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This popular book covering the Caribbean from Grenada and Barbados to the Virgin Islands is a translation from Jacques Patuelli's original French version.

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Grenada to the Virgin Islands

Grenada to the Virgin Islands

Each island is dealt with in detail and pilotage notes are followed by tourist information and the usual data on formalities and facilities.

Fully illustrated with plans and photos, many of which are new for this second edition, the guide is packed with interesting and useful background information on the Caribbean, its history, tourism, geography and on sailing in the islands.

The last section of the book, the blue pages, consists of listings of facilities, restaurants, bars, hotels and other information of interest to tourists.

Contents: Introduction; The Windward Islands; The Leeward Islands; The Virgin Islands; Sailing the Lesser Antilles; Glossary; Services directory

Edition 2nd

Edition date 2007