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pomůcka pro identifikaci plavidel pomocí světel nebo tvarů

Zařazení: Jachtařské vybavení | Námořní pomůcky
Značka: RYA

Dostupnost: dotaz na dostupnost

Běžná cena: 850,- Kč
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750,- Kč



Šikovný nástroj pro rozpoznávání a identifikaci plavidel pomocí světel nebo tvarů na základě mezinárodních pravidel pro zabránění srážkám na moři. Využijete ho na palubě nebo jako studijní pomůcku ve třídě.

The essential recognition tool and study aid for the identification of vessels by lights or shapes based on the International Regulations for Preventing Collisions at Sea. This tool is designed to be used on board or in the classroom.

Product description

Identifies all USCG Colregs.

Displays 60 light configurations.

Displays 15 day shapes.

Actual view of vessels for port, starboard, bow and stern lights.

Visual guide for horn signals.

Magnifying lens for clear readability of definitions.
Durable plastic construction.


What an interesting and novel teaching aid it is! It is well designed, comprehensive and easy to use. It is particulalrly useful to be able to see easily and quickly how light patterns change on the same vessel to reflect a change of duty,ie tugs,trawlers,dred­gers etc.

I do not think it would be easy to use at sea. The cover suggests that students look at the lights of a ship and then slide the panel to identify the ship. In night conditons the Light Rule would not be practical to use and this method is in any event too slow.