Imray A232 Virgin Islands

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Tortola to Anegada

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Imray A232 Virgin Islands

Imray A232 Virgin Islands

Scale: 1:90,000 WGS 84


Plans included:

Road Harbour & Approaches (Tortola) (1:20,000)
Virgin Gorda Yacht Harbour (Virgin Gorda) (1:20,000)
South Sound (Virgin Gorda) (1:20,000)
Gorda Sound (Virgin Gorda) (1:25,000)
Great Camanoe to Scrub Island (1:20,000)
Fat Hogs Bay & Maya Cove (Tortola) (1:20,000)

For this 2013 edition, the plan of Gorda Sound (Virgin Gorda) has been reschemed – the new version has been drawn at a larger-scale of 1:25,000 to show passages more clearly, and to show various marina developments; the plan of Road Harbour & Approaches has been divided into two plans – one of Road Harbour, and one of Fat Hogs Bay & Maya Cove; and the latest known depths have been applied throughou

měřítko 1:90,000