Turkish Waters and Cyprus Pilot

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Jachtařský průvodce Turecka s ostrovy a Kypru. Obsahuje více než 450 detailů přístavů a kotvišť.

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Turkish Waters and Cyprus Pilot
Turkish Waters and Cyprus Pilot

Turkish Waters & Cyprus Pilot
Rod and Lucinda Heikell

Jachtařský průvodce Turecka s ostrovy a Kypru. Obsahuje více než 450 detailů přístavů a kotvišť.

This guide covers the coast of Turkey from the Bosphorus to the Syrian border and Cyprus. There is also a chapter on the Black Sea coast.

Since the last edition in 2009, the Turkish coast has changed more than any other in the Mediterranean and in some places beyond recognition. There has been a steady growth in the number of cruising yachts, many of which are now Turkish-owned and to match this facilities have been improved, harbours extended and new marinas built.

This ninth edition has been thoroughly updated and provides the latest information on these developments. The text has been revised and contains new plans and new photographs, many of which are aerial shots.

Turkish Waters and Cyprus Pilot is regarded as essential reading for anyone sailing in the country.

Edition 9th

Edition date 2013

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